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When Martha was a baby the only thing that would get her to sleep was loudly playing The Fall’s ‘Totally Wired’ and dancing wildly around her swinging cot. Now that she is seven she sleeps like a baby. As her big sister puts it ‘the only screaming she does now is on rides”. In this deeply moving and celebratory performance, their Mum and Dad are ready to share their story of one thousand sleepless nights.


Sirens wail, flames grow higher will they run into the arms of an online wacky medical treatment cult?  Will they make it through the thick black smoke of uncertain identities and hidden motives?


Fuelled by post-punk beats, this is an unforgettable, playful telling of a family’s real story of a mind-altering itch that cannot be scratched. Eczema will never be the same again.


Gareth’s a Welshman who can’t speak Welsh. Inspired by the KKK he invents his own language to define the way he sees the world. Instead of division, he wants to put friendliness at the heart of his understanding of people from other places, speaking other languages. 


Gareth’s daughter instinctively tames the beasts of imagination. He invites you to create a lens for viewing the world and pelt him with paper balls.

Difference Goggles

Difference Goggles is a one-to-one, fifteen-minute performance walk. Participants have a go on our goggles, live inside our triumphant story and gain a new perspective.




Throw your rucksack over your shoulder, grab a beer and get ready to dance with a deer. 
Journey for twelve days and nights to the Sequoia National Park armed with axes.
"We're all in this together" but there is only one survivor.
Dedicated to our Granddad Harold.
Witness soaring speeches, laugh, cry and all to a cracking soundtrack.



 "It was a big treat... I loved the mix of belly laughter and sense of poetry throughout. Your lovely abandon yet care of the present moment. It made the world a better place"


—  Pip Jones

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